5 Daly Moments from Rollercoaster Career

5 Awesome John Daly Moments of His Rollercoaster Career

One word you can’t use to describe JD’s career is ordinary. 

The guy seems to attract all kinds of crazy moments in golf tournaments and off the course too.

Whether he’s hitting a golf ball off a can of beer or pulling $5,000 slot machines at the Wynn Casino, it’s never a dull moment. 

Here are five awesome moments from his career.

Winning the 1991 PGA Championship 

John burst onto the scene of professional golf with an unlikely win at the 1991 PGA Championship. As the 9th alternate, he barely made it into the field but made the most of his opportunity by winning in epic fashion.

From that day, JD the legend was born and we’ve been loving every moment since. As you can see in the video below, it’s a true Cinderella story. 

Hitting a Driver Off David Feherty’s Face

David Feherty has led an eventful life as well and seems to have a special bond with John Daly. Or, at least I hope so, because the iconic golf announcer once let JD hit a driver off his face! 

As you can see in the video, this takes an extreme amount of courage and not something we recommend anyone trying. Instead of inserting the tee in the ground, David puts the tee between his lips while JD ropes a driver. 

Feherty doesn’t even flinch as John hits his patented long drive. Well done to both for making this scary trick shot look easy! 

Driving It 15 Yards Past Tiger Woods

In the early 2000s, John Daly and Tiger Woods were two of the longest players in golf. 

Tiger had speed and strength from endless workouts and living in the gym. While John had a backswing that never ended and plenty of mass behind his long swing. 

The result was that both hitting bombs off the tee and keeping fans entertained.

In a great moment in 2005, the two were in a playoff in Tiger’s prime. Tiger teed off first and hit an absolutely perfect shot in a clutch moment to put the pressure on John.

But that didn’t phase John, in fact, he didn’t even watch Tiger’s ball land. He got up to the tee, went through his quick routine, and crushed a drive 15 yards past Tiger’s golf ball. 

Even though he didn’t win the tournament, he still got Tiger on the drive in a great TV moment. 

Beer Can Tee 

While he can hit bombs off a tee from Feherty’s mouth, he can also skip the tee entirely. As you can see in the clip below, JD teed up the golf ball on a tall can of beer and roped one.

The best part is that from the looks of it, this was from an official tournament. My guess is that it was a Wednesday pro-am but still, you have to love him always entertaining the fans. 

I’d also not recommend this move at your local driving range either. Unless you’re okay potentially ruining a $400+ driver and possibly getting banned from the course.

Instead, leave the heroic long drives to JD. 

Shirtless Interview

Despite never going to the gym and instead, opting for the drive through window at McDonald’s he’s proud of his body. As you can see in this hilarious, John Daly interview, he did the entire segment barefoot and shirtless. 

No shoes, no shirt, no problem for John. Even with a cigarette dangling from his lip, he was still pounding drivers from the back tees showing off his new golf course. 

This is a classic John Daly move!

What’s your favorite JD moment from the clips above?

Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Michael Leonard

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