5 Reasons to Love John Daly

If you don’t love JD, you don’t love golf. While he’s far from conventional, he’s one of the most polarizing people in the game. 

Seriously, this guy has made a massive impact on golf since splashing onto the scene with his 1991 PGA Championship win. Not to mention, he became a fan favorite in an era before social media!

Here are five reasons why we love JD (and you should too). 

1. Incredible Outfits

Golf used to be a boring sport. Ugly outfits and low energy in a pre-Tiger fist pumping era was generally boring for non-golf fans to watch on TV.

But John Daly changed that pretty quickly with his epic look and swag. His mullet, sunglasses, and cigarette seemingly attached to his lip made him look more like a rock star than a PGA Tour player.

Not to mention, his ridiculous and amazing outfits. The bright shirts and hilarious “loudmouth” pants make him easy to spot if you’re a spectator. 

His impeccable style and now Santa Claus beard brings some inevitable excitement to the game. 

2. Fitness Routines 

Thanks to Tiger Woods, fitness is now synonymous with the game of golf. But 20+ years ago, fitness in golf was curling a beer to your mouth on the 19th hole.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a priority for the best players in the world. 

While more and more players have trainers, nutritionists, and PT’s in their camp each week, JD seemed to miss the memo. His fitness routines and lack thereof shows how much raw, athletic talent he was given. 

Plus, the topic of fitness led to his best quote ever, “You can pull a muscle, but you can’t pull fat.” 

3. Little John Daly 

While he’s provided us with 30+ years of entertainment, it looks like we’ll have even more thanks to his son, little JD. He’s a spitting image of his dad and after watching at the PNC Championship in 2020, shows that he could be a big figure in golf. 

Here’s to watching the JD legacy for years to come! 

4. Blowup Holes 

Let’s face it, golf is a stupid game sometimes. No matter how good you are, even the best players in the world can get humbled… quickly. 

JD is just like us mere mortals and has some of the best blowup holes of all time. On several occasions, John has made some massive numbers that would make Kevin Costner in Tip Cup tip his hat. 

If you want to see some of his Chernobyl-like meltdowns, make sure to watch this YouTube compilation video, too. 

5. The Backswing

You can’t mention JD without his ridiculously long backswing. 

Before Bryson and his protein shakes, JD was the OG long ball hitter. He swung like he was mad at the golf ball, using a self-taught swing and raw talent.

No lessons, no launch monitors, just JD and long, powerful swing. His fast club head speed has entertained golf fans for years and even now, at 50+, he hasn’t changed what got him here. 

JD represents the everyday fan and golfer as well as any PGA Tour star.

Not loving him and his much-needed entertainment to the game is like not rooting for a comeback from Tiger in 2022. 

Why do you love John Daly?

Make sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Written By Michael Leonard

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  1. Love him. Forget what year but John didn’t make the The Masters was selling merchandise from a tent on the avenue the front page headline in the local paper read “ Big John Daley has gone from grip it and rip it to tag it and bag it “ 😂

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