5 Things you didn't know about John Daly

5 Things You Didn’t Know About John Daly

One thing that we all love about John Daly is that he’s truly one of a kind. I’m confident there will never be another professional golfer quite like JD.

While you might think you know a lot about him, chances are there are a few things you might now know yet. Here are five surprising things about the two-time major champion.

5 Crazy John Daly Facts 

1. John’s Long Backswing Started Early

John has one of the most recognizable swings in professional golf. Even now that he’s 50+ and competing on the Champions Tour, he still swings as long and hard as ever.

As you can imagine, this swing is 100% self-taught and started early on. But it wasn’t intentional as it was the only way to swing his clubs.

At an early age, he was given an adult set of golf clubs instead of a junior set. 

Needless to say, they were way too heavy and long for him, but he kept swinging. This led his backswing to just keep going and going well past parallel. 

A few decades later, he’s still swinging his swing. Little John Daly has some of his tendencies as well. 

2. He Cuts His Own Hair 

John’s wardrobe and hair has never been “textbook” compared to other PGA Tour players. What makes it even better is that the mullet is his own doings. No barber or hairdresser needed. 

As he said in an interview, “I hate getting haircuts,” he said. “It’s like going to the damn dentist, man. I can’t stand it. It takes time. They got those grooming machines, just use them. You cut your hair perfect every time.’’

Never change John, never! 

3. John is a Neat Freak

One look at John Daly and the last thing I think about is him being a neat, clean guy. No offense to John, he just doesn’t seem like a type A person who needs everything clean and organized. 

But as he said, “I’m an OCD neat freak. I can’t stand messes. I make my bed every morning. Laundry, I do it all.” 

I guess that is why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! 

4. He Ate McDonald’s After Winning the PGA Championship

Imagine being the 9th alternate, barely squeaking into the field at the last hour, and not getting a practice round at a major championship venue. Then, 72 hours later, your mullet is bouncing off your neck as you walk up 18 on Sunday celebrating your win.

So how do you celebrate your incredible accomplishment (and $300,000+ winnings)? McDonald’s of course!

That’s right, after winning his first major championship (as a rookie on Tour), JD headed straight for the Golden Arches. As he said in an ESPN documentary, he didn’t have much money on him and couldn’t cash his check yet. So instead of asking a friend, he kept his celebratory dinner low-key and ate some cheeseburgers instead. 

I can only imagine how he actually celebrated once the check cleared. 

5. John Is a Nympho 

John has a tough history with relationships with four ex-wives in the rearview mirror. 

So why did they break it off the long hitting legend? 

Maybe it was the gambling, drinking, PGA Tour life, or some other bad habits that drove them apart. Or, potentially there wasn’t as much activity between the sheets as JD needs. 

As he said in an interview, “I’ve always told women I’ve been with in my life, ‘If you don’t give it to me, I’m going to go get it somewhere else. Your wife’s not making love to you, then something’s wrong. And a lot of women that have kids honestly don’t want to have sex anymore.” 

I guess we can’t blame John for knowing what he wants out of a relationship. As he told his latest girlfriend, “I am a nympho, but I’m a loyal nympho. You stay loyal to me, I’ll stay loyal to you.”

These are just some of the reasons he’s the equivalent of the most interesting man in the world who ever played professional golf. 

What fact is the most surprising about big John Daly? 

Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Michael Leonard

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