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Best John Daly Quotes For Endless Entertainment

One thing is for sure, John Daly is pure comedy. 

Anytime I see a clip of him on Instagram or a full video on YouTube, I know there will be endless quotes from JD. What’s great about him is that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, which is very refreshing in today’s world. 

Here are some of our favorite John Daly quotes over the years to keep you laughing. 

Best John Daly Quotes

“I believe nicotine plus caffeine equals protein.” 

I’m not sure scientists would agree but it’s a great quote. John is known for his love of cigarettes and caffeine from his excessive soda habit, specifically, diet Coke. 

In his heyday, he said that he would have 20+ diet Coke’s per day! Not to mention, about a carton of cigarettes too. 

Considering an average can of soda has about 30 mg of caffeine per serving, he was having 600 mg or more per day! While I’m not sure if it’s recommended by the FDA, he’s made it work all these years. 

“I hit the ball as hard as I can. If I can find it, I hit it again.”

This JD quote sums up his golf game perfectly. Grip it, rip it, find it, repeat. Why we all love to watch the big guy swing. 

“That’s why I never get injured. You can pull a muscle, but you can’t pull fat.” 

Tiger Woods made working out a regular part of being a PGA Tour player. Most players joined in by hiring a trainer, working out religiously, and watching their nutrition. 

But JD didn’t change his bad habits one bit. 

Instead, he owned it and said that his fat is the reason he’s never injured. As much as I love Tiger, he might have a point based on all the injuries we’ve had to watch him overcome throughout his illustrious career. 

“I’m a Miller Lite guy, always have been, since I was eight.” 

JD has let his affinity for alcohol, specifically beer, be known for quite some time. But starting before turning double digits is next level JD. 

“It’s nice to worry about playing golf and not all the other stuff.” 

Golf is great because it’s a time to disconnect from the real world and only focus on golf. Seems like despite all that’s going on outside the ropes, JD can tune it out and just golf. 

“I’ve heard the winner of the Masters hosts the dinner. If I ever won it, there would be no suits, no ties, and McDonald’s.” 

I’m not sure a quote could reflect John Daly more than this one. Imagine him slipping into the green jacket and the next year, hosting the champions dinner.

Former champions get endless diet coke, a pack of cigarettes, and unlimited McDonald’s, courteous of JD. I honestly can’t imagine the uproar it would cause with the people running Augusta. But it sure would make for an epic story from John. 

“The only way I’ll ever make the Ryder Cup team is when I become captain; then I can name myself to the team.” 

Despite a solid PGA Tour career, JD never qualified or got a captain’s pick for the Ryder Cup. But if he did find a way to become captain, there’s no doubt he’d put himself on the team. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever stepped into a gym, they won’t let me smoke there.” 

This is one of the many reasons that we love JD – he knows who he is and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. One quick look at his physical appearance and we know he’s not a gym guy. 

But he owns it and is okay with it. While it might not help his overall health, his lack of regular exercise routine hasn’t stopped him from earning millions as a professional golfer.

“I’m a fighter. I’m a survivor, and I’ll get through anything people can throw at me.” 

Let’s get real, the fact that JD made it to the PGA Tour and won several events, including two majors, defied the odds. But despite everything working against him from an early age (no lessons, weight issues, bad habits, gambling, etc.), he just kept fighting.

After his recent cancer diagnosis, one thing is for sure, JD won’t stop now. He will keep fighting and make it past this tough time in his life. 

We’re here rooting for him to get better quickly!

What’s your favorite John Daly quote?

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Written by Michael Leonard

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