Check Out This Wild First Pitch From Daly

Getting to throw the first pitch at an MLB game is a bucket list event for most people.

Standing on the mound, the fans cheering you on, and dreaming of what it would be like to play under the lights.

But it could be a nightmare scenario too if you seemingly forget how to throw the ball. Luckily, when John Daly got the chance to fulfill his childhood dream, he made the most of it.

John Daly’s Wild First Pitch

Celebrities and professional athletes get to do some pretty cool stuff that us normal folks just don’t get the chance to do. So when the St. Louis Cardinals asked John Daly to throw the opening pitch against the LA Dodgers, it was a no-brainer. 

He’s an avid fan of the Cards, and a portion of each ticket that day was donated to the Gateway PGA Reach Foundation. This foundation helps the youth, military and diverse populations to get access to top PGA professionals and learn more about the great game of golf. 

When John made his throw, it wasn’t what you expect, kind of like John on a golf course. Instead of throwing one to the pitcher, he attempted to throw it over the net behind home plate. 

While it didn’t make it the first time, it was a funny moment and captured who he is at his core. A cool, down to earth guy who just wants to have fun. Not to mention, he wore an epic St. Louis jersey with 91 as the number, representing his amazing victory in the 1991 PGA Championship. 

Here’s the video to see the big guy in action on the mound:

Luckily, he didn’t look as bad as 50 Cent, who made arguably the worst first pitch of all time. As you can see in the video, it looks like he’s never thrown a ball in his lifetime (and I sure hope his buddies gave him grief). 

With his athleticism, I’m sure JD could have thrown a heater if he wanted too.

Gives the Ball to a Fan

If you watched the full clip, you saw that he got the ball over the net on the second throw and gave it to a fan. Plus, everyone in the stadium also got a custom JD bobble head too. Great day at the ball game!

This guy is loved by the people because he treats the people so well. 

No better example is after the 1991 PGA Championship. After winning $230,000 and getting in as the 9th alternate, he donated $30,000 of his earnings to a grieving family.

Earlier in the week in that event, a fan was struck by lightning. To help his family, John donated the money to set up a college fund for his two kids, which they both used to graduate college.

Whether he’s giving away baseballs, free bobble heads, or endless autographs and pictures, he’s a man of the people. 

Would you be able to throw a better first pitch than JD? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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