Daly Reveals His Golf Course’s ‘Anti-Dress Code’

When you think of John Daly, you think of his game, his distinct sense of style, and his insatiable appetite for all things culinary. Daly has always been outspoken and confident in his decisions, garnering a great deal of attention on social media as a result. Daly, of course, has been dressing in his own way for years, never following the rules or following the crowd.

Despite the fact that he wears a bright t-shirt, his pants are often the focus of attention. The 55-year-old has spoken out about his personal style, including what he prefers to wear on the golf course, in a recent interview.

John Daly on what he prefers to wear on the golf course

In 2002, Daly appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late-night television show, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and spoke with him. Among the topics they discussed were Daly’s dress code while on the course, as well as other topics.

The fact that Daly has approached golf in a completely different manner than any other professional golfer is acknowledged by O’Brien. Upon hearing the comment, Daly bursts out laughing, realizing that he is, in fact, a little out of the ordinary. They talked about Daly’s aversion to exercise as well as his desire to enjoy his game without overanalyzing his movements.

“Grip it and hit it,” Daly said, indicating that he just goes with the flow.

After discussing his unusual sponsors at the time (Dunkin Donuts, Hooters), the two ended up talking about how Daly is against a dress code in golf.

“I mean, I feel like somebody’s got a thumb in my throat when I wear one of them things,” Daly said while pointing at O’Brien’s tie. “I really do.” When O’Brien asked him about the dress code on his personal golf course, Daly said, “If you wear a tie you’re kicked out.”

Daly even admitted to hating dress codes levied by other golf courses. According to the five-time PGA Tour winner, one simply needs to cover their private parts to be allowed on his golf course.

Some iconic Daly outfits

Last year, for breast cancer month, John Daly ended up wearing pink shoes to help the cause. Both shoes Daly wore were pink, with the breast cancer awareness logo on either side. The pink ribbon is the breast cancer awareness international logo.

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