Daly's Favorite Chicken Wings

Daly Says These Are The Best Chicken Wings in America

You will not find a man more passionate about cuisine as John Daly, no matter how hard you try. He is equally as well-known for his abnormal diet and lifestyle as he is for his golfing prowess. His enthusiastic devotion to fast food is admirable, and we now know that Hooters is his favorite spot to eat chicken wings!

Daly and his son Little John won the Willie Park Trophy at the PNC Championship a few weeks ago, defeating the competition. Tiger and Charlie Woods, as well as defending winners Mike and Justin Thomas, were among those behind them on the leaderboard.

The 55-year-old was featured in an episode of the Full Send podcast this week, when he covered a variety of topics, including Charlie Woods’ game and playing with prior American presidents. Nonetheless, here’s what he had to say about the subject that was nearest to his heart:

John Daly expresses his love for Hooters

Talking about Bob Menery’s past ‘bad offers’ and how Buffalo Wild Wings ‘s*ck’, John said, “Hooters wings are ten times better than anybody’s wings in the country. You want to try and build your own? You can go to most grocery stores and buy the wings, you can buy Hooters wing sauce! I don’t see buffalo wild wings in Publix or Walmart.”

He went on to reveal his admiration for another one of his favorite chains and said, “I see Hooters sauces in grocery stores and guess what- I see Taco Bell sauces in grocery stores!” As an afterthought and among multiple voices, Daly mumbled, “I love McDonald’s.” Well, if you weren’t aware of his love for junk food yet, you are now.

Even at the time of the conclusion of the session, he couldn’t resist saying, “Before we end it, I want to thank Hooters, original Hooters. We love ’em, the best wings in the world!”

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