Bernhard Langer is Like Tiger Woods

Daly Says This Golfer is the Tiger Woods of the Senior Tour

John Daly is a golfer known for his massive drives off the tees and his long, but perhaps unconventional backswing. John began his professional career in 1987 and joined the PGA Tour of Champions in 2016. He’s a two-time major champion who’s also a bit of a character on the PGA Tour. The PNC Championship for 2021 was recently won by HIM and his son.

In a recent interview, John discussed the legendary Bernhard Langer.

Bernhard Langer is a German golfer who has won a total of 118 tournaments in his career. He is a member of both the European Senior Tour and the PGA Tour of Champions. He is a two-time major champion and was one of the best golfers in the world in the 1980s and 1990s.

In a recent interview, Daly spoke about Bernhard’s greatness. He said “Bernard Langer is probably one of the greatest gentlemen that ever played the game of golf. He is just so good at what he does. You just shake your head, I mean yes, I hit 20, 30 yards past Bernhard and he kicks my ass every time I play with him. He’s just really awesome, he’s just good. He is the Tiger Woods of the senior tour, I mean, it’s and he wins.”

He added, ” And how he does it, he works at it, it’s all about he loves the game of golf. I love the game of golf, but I like to have fun. Bernhard, yes he is serious and he wants to win and he wants to win and that’s the kind of balance between life I guess, but the way I look at Bernhard, the hell with golf he’s actually better as a person than he is at the game and he is great at both.”

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