Daly’s Official T-Shirt Collection Has Arrived

Most of the time, fans begin to root for their favorite athlete for reasons other than just their performance on the field. The same can be said for John Daly, who has recently launched his own line of clothing and accessories. Daly is well-known for his time on the road, as well as his outgoing personality, and every move he makes draws a significant amount of attention.

Even so, Daly’s fashion has been discussed a number of times in the media. A plain colored t-shirt and patterned pants are a common look for Daly, which is much different from most of the other professional golfer’s attire.

John Daly releases his own t-shirt collection

Because each one of Daly’s t-shirts has a unique pattern on it, his t-shirt collection appears to be something fans didn’t even realize they needed. Daly has teamed up with The Chivery for his collection, and his t-shirts will be available for purchase on their website. Daly appeared to be very enthusiastic about his collection, and he ended up talking about it on multiple occasions.

“@theChviery and I have teamed up to rip butts and sink putts! Grab your clubs and heaters, and hit the green in the best Wild Thing golf tees you’ll ever own,” Daly wrote on Instagram.

Fans also reacted to the post and expressed their desire to add them into their collection. “J.D…never disappoints,” wrote one fan, obviously in favor of the quirky designs. “Just ordered mine,” wrote another.

The overall response was extremely positive, everyone looking to own at least one of Daly’s t-shirts.

Additionally, fans now have a chance to win signed Sports Illustrated cover. “They are giving away a collector’s edition 1991 Sports Illustrated Cover poster signed by myself, to three lucky winners,” they wrote. For one to win the GA, one must purchase $60 worth of the collection.

One t-shirt costs $32 at the time of writing. The majority of these tees feature animated and caricature images of Daly, some depicting him on the course and others depicting him off it.

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