Daly's Insane Drunken Taco Bell Run

Drunken Daly Once Spent Insane Amount on Taco Bell Run

There’s nothing quite as stress-inducing is waking up after a night of heavy drinking and not remembering a lot about your activities. Your first instincts are to check your calls and texts to make sure you didn’t do anything embarrassing. Next is the bank account to make sure you didn’t go crazy buying everything your drunken heart desired.

This situation is even scarier when you realize that you can literally purchase anything with the touch of a button. Everyone knows that when you’ve been binging, there is only one cure…greasy fast food that is terrible for you. That’s why so many places have late night menus for those looking to satisfy their cravings.

Are food delivery apps an absolute godsend for anyone who’s gotten a case of the munchies while being in no state to get behind the wheel of a car (or even make the walk to the closest convenience store)? Sure, but they also make it far too easy to tell yourself you’re making a good decision by dropping $50 to have McDonald’s delivered directly to your door.

If you’re familiar with the less-than-advisable dietary habits of legendary party animal John Daly, you probably won’t be shocked to hear he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t think twice about hopping on UberEats to get some fast food delivered after a long night filled with Bud Heavy and Marb Reds.

However, my jaw legitimately dropped when I saw a receipt the golfer posted on Instagram alongside a warning that reads “DON’T DRINK AND ORDER TACO BELL ON UBER EATS” after somehow managing to spend $446.10 on an order he placed in Miami.

It’s not entirely clear how Daly managed to rack up such a staggering tab, as the variety of burritos and the 10 Crunchy Taco Supremes you can see in the screencap “only” add up to around $130.

I’m sure plenty of people will scramble to make the obligatory “The rest is probably just fees” joke, but I’m honestly impressed that anyone could run up a tab like this at Taco Bell.

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