JD’s Bad Habits are Killing Him

How come all the “bad things” in life are always the most or taste the best?

Why does eating a cheeseburger and beer taste so much better than a bland chicken breast with side salad? Why does a cold beer or soda taste so much better than unsweetened ice tea? 

Sadly, it’s just life for all of us. While having those “cheats” or “splurges” in moderation is okay, too much of a bad thing can kill you. 

After a crazy life, it looks like his bad habits might be catching up with the great John Daly. 

John Daly’s Diet is Killing Him 

As much as we love JD, everyone knows he is far from the pinnacle of health. In a time when professional golfers now monitor their diet and exercise like elite competitors, John never got on board.

In fact, he once won an interesting bet a few years ago from fellow PGA Tour Winner Fuzzy Zoeller. The bet had nothing to do with golf. Instead, John won $150,000 for making it to his 50th birthday! 

That’s right, he got paid over $100,000 for not being six feet under.

His entire life he indulged in copious amounts of good food, lots of alcoholic drinks, and endless amounts of cigarettes. In fact, John once said in a Graham Basinger interview that he smoked 18,000 cigarettes per year! That’s 2-3 packs of cigarettes per day. 

When the same interviewer asked him if he had any desire to stop, he simply said, “No, not really.” As he’s been puffing them since 19 years old (30+ years ago), it’s a tough habit to break. Paired with 12-20 diet cokes per day (he claims he doesn’t drink water) and a love for fast food, it looks like it finally caught up to him. 

Cancer Diagnosis

Sadly, his hard partying ways that make JD who he is, aren’t ideal for the body. John Daly was unfortunately diagnosed with bladder cancer at the age of 54. 

As he said in an interview, “Everything I love to eat and drink causes the stones that cause cancer. Alcohol. Beef. Milk. Diet drinks. I’ve tried to cut back on the smokes. Thank God I don’t like energy drinks because they’re the worst.” 

His Cancer is Treatable 

The one piece of good news for John Daly fans is that this type of cancer is treatable. 

As John said, “The only positive is this cancer is treatable, but I’m probably looking at chemo for the next five to seven years. The first chemo kicked my butt. I’m just praying maybe they got it.”

Needless to say, it’s going to be a long road to recovery, but he has a ton of support from his fans worldwide. Maybe this will be the wake-up call to help clean up a few bad habits and continue to play golf at a high level for years to come. 

Here’s to hoping his treatment goes better than expected and that he heals quickly!

If you could have one meal with JD, where would you take him and what would you eat? 

Make sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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