JD’s Best Golf Tip to Improve Your Swing

Most players make golf too hard. 

Every person who has ever caught the golf bug wants to master his or her swing. And we spend countless time and energy chasing perfection.

But in reality, golf is simple. Well, if you’re John Daly, who makes the hardest sport ever look pretty simple.

That’s why we love big JD, while his backswing makes him memorable, you have to love his simple swing. If you want to learn from the big guy, here are easy to use tips. 

JD’s Simple But Effective Swing 

While John is far from a conventional golfer in any sense, one thing you have to love is his setup. He sets up square to the target, it’s built for power, and allows him to get into some great positions. 

John Daly’s Best Golf Tip

So, how can you swing like the big guy? 

Swing with one arm… seriously! As you can see in this video, John is a big fan of this drill as it allows him to focus on contact. 

By only using your left arm, it forces you to slow down, only think about the club face, and quit worrying about distance. The more you can control the face throughout the swing, the more likely you will find your swing again. 

Bonus: Check Your Setup  

While his one-handed drill can help you on the range, don’t forget about his other tip.

Ball position.

As John said in a Golf.com interview, “Always check your ball position. If you’re hitting it fat or too far behind it, just move it one way or the other so you don’t. Just make it simple. Even in Little John’s young age, he knows where that ball’s got to be.”

When your swing has seemingly vanished, always start with setup before changing everything else. Less is more when it comes to crafting a more consistent golf swing.

Wrapping Up

The next time you can’t seem to find the face of the golf club, don’t panic and worry you’ll never hit a good shot again. Instead, keep it simple and think like JD.

First, remove your right arm entirely and swing only with your left arm. This will allow you to control the club face and slow down your swing.

Then, after 20-30 (or more) golf balls, make sure to check your setup too. Specifically, ball position as it plays a major impact on contact and direction of the golf ball.

If both those tips fail, acting like John and heading to the 19th hole or your local Hooters restaurant might help. Sometimes stepping away from the course to a frosty cold beer and wings will help you relax and figure it out next time.

Have you ever tried JD’s one arm swing on the driving range?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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