JD’s First Hole-In-One For 2022

For many years, people awaited the return of John Daly’s reign as King of Ireland. With his 1991 PGA Championship victory, he propelled himself into the international spotlight, and he did it again at the PNC Championship in 2021, defeating Tiger Woods in a historic comeback victory.

Nonetheless, his time has come, as he kicked off his 2022 with a bang, slamming a hole-in-one at the Red Hill Country Club in San Diego.

John Daly, fresh off his victory over the Woods’ duo in the final month of 2021, continued his impressive run by stunning us all with the ultimate shot in golf: an ace. He was currently in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where he was participating in a round of golf at the Red Hill Country Club with his sponsor, Christopher Leggio, when the incredible moment occurred.

John Daly hits an ace and demonstrates that he is back in form.

He took to Instagram to share the good news, posting a picture of himself with a smile and the caption, “It only took one swing!!” This is in da Hole, man!!” He also went into detail in the caption, stating, “How do you thrive?” On the 15th hole at Red Hill Country Club (189 yards), I hit a hole in one! The entire event took place in the company of my 29-year sponsor Mark Christopher Auto Center @cleggs3 #LFG. “What a fantastic way to kick off the 2022 season!”

He also shared a couple of other photos of himself and the four-ball, all of whom were dressed in Daly’s signature eye-catching fashion pants and shirts. All of the fan reactions to the news were positive, enthusiastic responses, with one even stating, “Bartender is going to have a blast tonight too!” That is absolutely correct! When it comes to the PGA Tour, we’ve learned one thing over the years: the five-time champion certainly knows how to have a good time! We’re hoping to see some traces of the night that will undoubtedly follow soon after.

Meanwhile, there was the time Daly hit an ace while wearing bare feet.

That is correct; you read that correctly. For those who believe that hole-in-ones are overrated, consider the fact that the original long-hitter once made one while wearing no shoes! On the 11th hole of a charity golf tournament at Glen Allen in Virginia, Daly, then 54 years old, surprised everyone by hitting the ball into the hole with his first tee shot.

Fortunately for fans, another member happened to be recording at the exact same time, providing us with some incredible footage that we will cherish for a lifetime. “That makes 11 of them… ” He says at the end of the video as soon as he notices that filming is taking place. He stops himself from cursing as soon as the camera crew starts filming him.

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