Pat Perez Tells All On Daly’s Stroke

John Daly is a two-time major champion who has amassed a net worth of more than $10 million during his professional golfing career. His accomplishments alone make him a legend, but when you combine them with his wild partying ways, you have one of the most memorable figures not only in golf history, but in sports history as a whole, period.

With Daly’s current age of 55, you’d think that by now we’d have heard every story about him, but every now and again we hear a new legendary tale about the man.

PGA Tour winner Pat Perez, a close friend of Daly’s, recently appeared on the Fore The People podcast and revealed a slew of fantastic party anecdotes about the former New York Yankee. Among these is the night Daly suffered a stroke while partying at Perez’s place, which stands out as particularly memorable. What transpired as a result is the stuff of mythology.

When John Daly suffers a stroke at Pat Perez’s house, the situation becomes chaotic.

In the podcast, the story begins around the 71-minute mark.

“He had a stroke while staying at my house. “I couldn’t find him, and I’d been looking for this mother f–ker for about 45 minutes,” Perez explained at the outset. Then I go around the house a couple of times till I finally see him around the f–king corner, at which point I’m like, “John, where the hell are you?”

Perez observes that Daly says, “oh, bubba, I’m having a f–king stroke” while holding a cigarette in his mouth.

“I call the ambulance, and they arrive with his caddie, Peter, and the paramedics,” Perez explains. “I call the ambulance, and they arrive with the paramedics.” Peter says, ‘no, no, [Daly] just wants a f–king blowjob,’ and he begins to mime giving him a f–king blowjob while the paramedics are putting him on this machine. In their words, the paramedics are telling the man to “move out of the way so we can save his life.”

Believe it or not, the story gets much more bizarre from here on out.

As Perez continues, once Daly is placed in the back of the ambulance, Peter really gets in the driver’s seat, and the paramedics join him in the rear, following which Peter drives the ambulance to a nearby hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Peter announces that “we require a smoking room,” as Perez explains. “I think to myself, ‘Peter, are you folks mentally ill, or am I missing something here?'” I return home, wake up, and receive a phone call from John, who informs me that I am required to pick them up from the hospital. “It was like 10:30 a.m., but it was only like six hours later,” says the author.

“When I got to the hospital, he was smoking outside. I was shocked.” He gets into the car and says to his friend, “bubba, I need a f–king drink.” Then I tell them, ‘it is actually the last thing you require.'”

As soon as we go back to the house, he begins to drink.

Normally, this kind of story would be astonishing to hear about any other person on the earth, but if you’ve heard previous stories about Daly, you’ll know that this was very typical behavior for him back in the day.

As a follow-up to that anecdote, Perez related how Daly had consumed 72 beers in a single afternoon while dining at Hooters.

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