Pro Swing Tip: Daly Shows Off Rare Punch Shot

Pro Swing Tip: Daly Shows Off Rare Punch Shot

The Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai will begin later this month on the gorgeous island that is the current PGA Tour destination. The Sony Open will take place after the recently finished Sentry Tournament of Champions and will be the Champions Tour’s opening tournament of the season. And, with our seasoned golfers already in the lovely setting, we’re getting plenty of content, starting with none other than John Daly!

John, fresh off his amazing triumph at the PNC Championship, will undoubtedly play with a newfound confidence. The rest of the field is still up for grabs, as participants have until Friday to commit to the competition. So far, seven golf hall of fame members have confirmed their attendance.

John Daly explains how to hit a punch shot in the wind

John Daly demonstrates us how to hit a shot in extremely windy conditions, which is the typical climate on the island, in a video shared by the official PGA Tour Champions Twitter page. The 5-time PGA Tour winner, dressed in his typical dazzling shorts and his snowy hair flying in the fierce wind, appears to be in top form.

Looking at the distance to the green, he says, “Well, this is usually like a nice 9-iron or 8-iron, but the wind is blowing about 25 right now. So that 160 (yards) just went to a 190. So I’m either going to punch a 6 or a 5… Let the wind be your friend!” He proceeds to demonstrate one, extending the backswing the entire way but stopping the follow-through just halfway. “20 feet from the hole? I’ll take it!” he adds on.

“Just keeping it low and punching it, you know, and making sure it’s kind of a half follow through. For me, I gotta let that left arm go and extend the club out so I don’t pull yank it. Just let the wind ride that in,” he elaborates, giving us a vivid picture to keep in mind the next time we’re in a similar situation.

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