Senior Golf: JD & Mike Weir

The Champions Tour is full of some of incredible players. Each one is there for a reason, with many having won multiple times on the PGA Tour, European Tour, and major champions.

Even though they’re 50 plus years old, they’re still making some unbelievable moments on the golf course. JD has one victory and is hungry for more. 

One of John’s closest efforts to victory was the at The Woodlands. The final round led to some clutch shots and a worthy champion in Mike Weir. 

Let’s break it down… 

Final Round Action 

Heading into the final round, JD had a chance to grab his second victory on the Champion’s Tour. But he wouldn’t be easy, as he had to battle past major champions Mike Weir and David Toms. 

Like so many golf events, it came down to the back nine on Sunday. JD made an epic eagle on the 13th to take the lead, but Mike Weir matched it in the group behind him.

Then, it came down to the 18th hole. John, being himself, roped his driver and only had 141 yards left to the green. 

But he didn’t account for a gust of wind and his 9 iron sadly found the water short of the green. He went on to make a double bogey six and miss getting his second victory by a few shots. 

Despite one bad shot, we’re confident he’ll get another win sooner rather than later. 

Mike Weir’s Tips to Succeed 

Despite having to battle injuries, swing changes, and external life issues (much like JD), Mike Weir has persevered. He knew that once he turned 50 he could compete on the Champion’s Tour. 

After the pandemic, he joined the tour and already had a new trophy for his cabinet. Plus, he has finished in the top 10 six times and a lot of top four finishes. 

He attributes his success to two things that I think any JD will appreciate; falling back in love with golf and never giving up. 

At age 48 Mike played in several Korn Ferry events and finally had that nostalgic feeling we all know. Truly being out there to just play golf and not worry about the results. Mentoring those young players (who hit it 50-75 yards past him) made him appreciate his journey and fall back in love with golf.  

Much like JD and his off course issues, Mike just kept going, even in the toughest time. As he said, “Now, though, I think the hockey mentality was what kept me going through all the bad times. I never would have forgiven myself if I’d just said, ‘too tough,’ and walked away. I needed to give myself this chance.”

If you’re down and out, remember the hockey mentality that Mike and JD have used to find success. Just keep going! 

Hopefully, JD will get a chance to play against Mike Weir in the near future and come home with the trophy. 

Would you rather play a round with JD or with Masters champ Mike Weir? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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