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That’s Gotta Hurt: Another Crazy Day in the Life of John Daly

One of the things that makes John Daly so iconic is how he always manages to capture our attention. “Long John” Daly is a true golf talent with plenty of wins under his belt to show for. Even when he’s not sinking putts, he is quite the character and has had his share of very public scandals. He’s also got a well-known penchant for alcohol some of the stories get pretty wild. This is also the guy that once admitted he’s gambled away well over $50 million. Here’s another one you may not have heard, and boy is it a doozy.

Steve Elkington, 10-time winner on the PGA Tour, appeared in GOLF’s Subpar early on in the year. There, he revealed this tale from back in the day when they were in Sun City together, playing a tournament.

John Daly gets ‘poleaxed’ into the wall while playing Rugby

Elkington recollects that a day before the Sunday round of the tournament, the two were at a casino party. On their way to the washrooms, they came across a couple of South Africans who not only recognized them but asked them whether they knew how to play Rugby. Daly, always eager for a competition, agreed. Elkington, however, was quick to turn down the offer.

“Daly goes down into a three-point stance,” Elkington said. “He comes out of his stance after these three guys, and they absolutely poleaxed him into the wall behind him. It knocked a couple of paintings down.” Daly stops the game, says his boots were slipping, and takes them off.

In spite of the beating, Daly didn’t surrender and went back! Elkington said, “I thought he might’ve seriously had a concussion or something after the first time.” Again, he gets smashed, and the former comes to his rescue. He said, “I get John, I sit him up on the stairs, and I say ‘Mate, are you ok?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’”

And apparently, Daly never quite got his boots back, as Elkington saw him later at the party sipping cocktails in his socks.

Well, that’s one way to party. But, what else did you expect from Daly?

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  1. Many of us ok’d alcoholics realized the stupidity of our ways and quit drinking a long time ago. Sadly big John hadn’t discovered the joy of recovery and will one day find himself in an early grave.

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