Daly's Win at the 2021 PNC Championship

The Daly’s Win the 2021 PNC Championship – 5 Takeaways

The PNC Championship might be my new favorite event in golf. 

What makes it so great is that the format is very different from normal and they don’t just allow any father-son combo either. To compete, you must have won a major championship and the child must not be a PGA Tour player.

Pair that with a great venue and scramble format, it’s pure fireworks for viewers. Add in yet another Tiger comeback and you have unbelievable TV. 

Here are five takeaways from the 2021 PNC Championship.

John and Little John Win

The first thing to talk about is the fact that JD and his son Little John took home the trophy! The long hitting duo set a course record of -27 to edge out Tiger and Charlie by two shots. 

The Daly’s went on to make 13 birdies and an eagle to shoot a final round 57. The Woods tied them with 57 but were trailing heading into Sunday. 

As John said after the round, “It’s just one of the highlights of my life. To be able to play in a PGA Tour even with your son and win, it’s pretty daggone special.” 

JD’s Santa Outfit

Even before getting the win on Sunday afternoon, the Daly’s were the talk of the event. 

John Daly dressed as Santa Claus during the dinner earlier in the week which was pure gold on social media. His long white beard and physique made the outfit a no-brainer for him and he nailed the costume. 

One thing you have to love about John is not afraid to be himself and have a good time. Even Tiger got a good laugh at JD’s Santa outfit. 

John Daly II Has Game 

One thing is for sure, John Daly II has a bright future in the golf world. Despite a less than stellar start to his college career, it’s clear that he has some serious game. 

Throughout the PNC, he was hitting bombs off the tee and making 12 footers look easy at the Ritz-Carlton Golf club. Not to mention, he was able to stay focused and fend off arguably the greatest golfer of all time to get a win with his dad. 

Little JD Feels Tiger’s Pressure

Let’s face it, Tiger has put pressure on his competition unlike anyone before him. If he is in the lead or near the lead, the rest of the field knows it. The red and black outfit of Sunday is certainly a warning signal to leaders that Tiger is coming.

Even though John’s son is a few decades younger than Tiger, he felt that pressure Sunday. As he said in an interview, “The only pressure I felt was on no. 16 when I saw Tiger and Charlie Woods on the leaderboard in second place.” 

But despite the big cat and his son stalking the Daly’s, they were able to persevere for the victory. 

The PNC Championship is Needed For Golf

The final takeaway from this awesome event is that the golf world loves it. 

The PNC tournament is a great end of year event that people love to watch. Sure, it helped having Tiger and Charlie chase down the Daly’s, but I think the championship is a big win for golf fans.

The format and course make it a scoring paradise and it’s fun to see family teams shoot crazy low numbers.  

Talk about an epic father-son bonding moment for the Daly’s. We can’t wait to see what happens in 2022! 

What’s your biggest takeaway from watching the 2021 PNC Championship?

Make sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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