Watch As Daly Tells All on his $55MIL Loss

Gambling can be a dangerous game to play. Imagine losing over $50 million! One thing is for sure, He’s so honest about who he is. He’s nothing short of admirable.

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  1. John Daly is a great golfer, along with Phil Mickleson, Jack Niclas, a number of the aged, some no longer here some still hanging around, like the Mex, Gary Player and so many more. I look at the game and I see who has commercialised it, who has brought new ways, who has developed new ideas and ways to give it a full course, like Bryson. I don’t mean to hold out some of the greats that are on the top of the winners list or won the most in a year, but anyone that has brought fame to the game like Tiger. Of all the players past and present, even over Arnnie, Tiger woods has brought more to the money, to the expansion of the game for all to play, worldwide and have brought more to the sport than any.
    I think some of the worst things about the game of golf are the considerations to change the rules for TV, for losing the intent of the game and making it easier to make low scoresfor speed up and for TV coverage, bigger greens, wider fairways, carpet rough all the way to the hole. And the worst of all the ruination of the rules of golf, tamping down the line to make a put, fairways that look plush as hardwood and table tops. So now we might as well be playing Gooney golf with only a putter and a 7 iron. The first time I went to Scotland and played a few holes at St. Andrews I was flabergastered at everthing, golf the way it was, except for the cut fairways instead of letting the sheep do it. I always thought someone would put a stop to the new ways but its getting worse each year and I’m sure there are some turning over in their sleep, you know the big one.
    The other thing I’ve constantly objected to is the teaching ways and what some pros do is take a swing that works and making it so complex that a player like Tiger wrenches some part and destroys his swing, his timing, his hips, his back and his legs and in one year has destroyed himself instead of going back to basics. His DAD should have kicked his A– all over the practice field and kicked his teacher out of town on a tar and feather RR tie. I specifically said to my wife when I saw that exactly what was going to happen to his body and we kept track. (I am a teacher also but I’ve always believed in the OH Natural.
    I hope Trump goes back into building courses. Other than all the new fancy designs, he should put his time into that, not politics.

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