When Arnold Palmer Left John Daly Speechless

It would be impossible to discuss golf history without discussing the late Arnold Palmer. Palmer’s career, along with that of Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, helped shape the game as we know it. His death was, understandably, a huge blow to the golf world.

Fans and players lamented his death and paid tribute to him in a variety of ways. John Daly, one of Palmer’s fellow golf legends, honored him by telling a favorite story.

John Daly shares an iconic story about Arnold Palmer

Knowing Daly, the PGA Tour icon did not disappoint. Not only is it hilarious, but it also manages to make everyone miss Palmer. “My favorite story about Arnold Palmer would be (that) one time we’re at Bay Hill and I’m playing with him on the 10th hole,” Daly said. “And he asked me and Kenny Perry that, ‘you all ever heard about this blue pill called Viagra?’”

Of course, this made Daly and Perry laugh, as they had undoubtedly heard of Viagra before. Palmer, on the other hand, acknowledged using it to keep from falling out of bed.

Daly went on to say that he has many more Palmer anecdotes, but this one appears to be his favorite. He still misses him and claims that everyone adored Palmer.

“He was the greatest ambassador for the game of golf. Rest in peace Arnie, we love you. We miss you”.

The Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge is most likely the golf course Daly is referring to in the video. The Arnold Palmer Invitational is held at the exclusive club and hotel in Florida.

Palmer’s 62 PGA championships are deserving of several awards. Out of those, 29 were from 1960 to 1963, when he was at his most powerful. Palmer’s popularity, which he earned as a result of his skill and charm, is unequaled.

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